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At BBRents we are committed to helping potential tenants find the right house to make their home.
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Make BBRents Better, a letter from the owner

First we would like to Thank You for allowing us the opportunity to provide a home for you and your family.

We are a family business that strives to live our lives doing our best every day. With your help we have become one of the largest providers of single family homes in Butler County. We don’t want to be the biggest, but the Best. We have become aware that as our company expands there have been some growing pains associated with everyday services.

As the President of our company, please know I am working diligently to make the necessary changes keeping you as our priority. One of the biggest challenges for us is communication with everyone and we sincerely need your help.

I have created this email address for our management task force. We are sincere in our desire and efforts to resolve any communication barriers and serve you better.

We know that things are not always perfect and that there can be an occasional stumble along the way in any business but we also want you to know that we care and are willing to go above the normal communication channels to listen and help make things right. We also know that our staff is doing a lot of great things to help you every day. Please feel free to share a compliment, suggestion, or any idea you might have that can help make BBrents better!!!

Please allow our staff the opportunity fix your problem, challenges, and receive your compliments; however, if you feel they are not helping you, please send an email to to communicate that information.

We appreciate you and know that we will be working hard to show it every day! You are the HEART of our Company.



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