Emergency Assistance Information

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Emergency Assistance Information

Below is a link to the Center for Disease Control’s website for additional information about the disease and preventing it’s spread.

Listed below are links to your utility companies that are offering assistance and information.

We will keep you informed and up to date with changes as we know them and would appreciate communication from you as well. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding,

Maintenance reminder: All maintenance requests are being taken but we are only entering your homes to perform urgent or important maintenance. We are also taking care of exterior items but everything else will be taken care of once this health crisis is over. Please remember the new fever and symptom rules and call 513-275-4766 or 513-285-7337 to postpone your service if anyone in your home has a fever or flu like symptoms. Likewise we commit to you that no member of our team will enter your home if we are symptomatic.

Additionally, we are asking that you please submit a photo or two with your maintenance request so that we are able to assess needed repairs and urgency without entering your home.

The State of Ohio has a special website to get information about the COVID-19. Plese click the link below.

Lastly, we know that the Stay At Home Order will be a hardship for some of our residents. There are companies that are open and many are hiring during this time. Please see the information below for those companies and links:

We are working with our property owners to offer additional solutions for relief during this time and will have additional answers for you on Wednesday. You have made your house a home and more than anything we want you in it!

Communication is critical during this time so please reach out to us through your portal or by emailing us at makebbrentsbetter@bbrents.com

Thank you,
Missy McCall & your BBRents Team

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