Fraud Alert

We are getting calls today from ads placed on Zillow with false property information. If the price of the rental looks too good to be true, IT IS!!! Check to see legitimate listings. Always check photos for watermarks. BEWARE!

Help Us Stop Fraud in Rentals

Today there are scammers, cheats and thieves in every walk of life. There is a large population that are trying to pry on families trying to find new homes. Please exercise caution and know we are doing our best to protect you. Please see the following rules and suggestions our company is taking to protect you.

  • NEVER pay cash or wire money to a possible landlord you have never met. We do not accept cash.
  • When contacting BBRents, only call initially our 513-737-2640 phone number. If you are assigned to a leasing agent, they will share their individual number after your initial call.
  • Our properties are all water marked with BBRENTS.COM. If you see a property on another website, without the water mark, chances are it is fraud.
  • When meeting to sign a lease, please ask the leasing agent for their company ID. This will assure you are meeting and talking with our staff.
  • ALL of our available and coming soon properties are listed on our website.

Here is a list of articles that may help you identify a scam.